Specials / Demos

Joseph Audio Pulsars-CherryCherry Pulsars boxed

Brand new in boxes, never opened.  MSRP-$7700– Sale Price  $6200

One of the very best stand mount monitors ever.

“A two-way compact of impeccable craftsmanship and sonic insight. This bass reflex design makes listening deep into the mix an altogether revelatory experience. Borrowing much of the cabinet and driver technology (including the superb tweeter) and advanced Infinite Slope crossover technology from the flagship Pearl, The diminutive Pulsar outputs music with smooth bass response and profound midrange purity. Its overall lack of grain couled with speed and clarity naturally bring to mind a ribbon or electrostatic. And in dynamic contrasts and transient behavior it is a veritable light-saber. It’s a speaker that combines the sophisticated sonic characteristics of a superb mini-monitor with the punch and much of the weight of a larger speaker. Ideal for the smaller home, and for our Mid-Priced Loudspeaker Of The Year Award.”

— The Absolute Sound


MOON i-1 Integrated Amp MSRP: $1,750 Sale Price: $1,225 IMG_0447

Sweet sounding, 50w/ch. truly the MOON sound, robust power,  Will easily handle speaker loads of 4 ohms. Good enough to fool the expert customers listening to the best of the best Joseph Audio Pearls, thinking they were hearing the W-8, not this humble little champion. Excellent condition. Replaced (but not improved sonically) in 2011 by MOON 250i. 


Epos M-16i 

MSRP $1,995 Price $1,050 Excellent condition. M 16i vertical

Beautiful Cherry wood veneer. Tri-wireable, smooth, musical, tower speaker, IMG_0432IMG_0433excellent condition. The Epos M16i’s special attribute was a sense of involvement and coherence that I’ve never heard from another affordable speaker. Clarity, speed, transient slam, and no trace of coloration, deep into the midbass. The cabinets are exquisite and these are near mint condition, no blemishes visible on them. Very attractive, tall and slender, easy to drive, tube or solid state.



Dyaudio Excite X-12


MSRP $1200 Sale Price $700

Excellent condition. The rear-ported, two-way X12 sports a 5.7″ cone made of a proprietary magnesium-silicate–loaded polymer (MSP), with a voice-coil and die-cast basket both made of aluminum. The X12 also includes an impedance-correction circuit that is claimed to make the impedance completely linear above 100Hz. This presents the amplifier with very small inductive and capacitive loads; the X12 should be easy to drive for a wide range of amplifiers. Robert Reina says: The Dynaudio Excite X12 has become my new benchmark for loudspeakers costing under $2000/pair.



Cambridge Audio Sonata NP-30 and iD 100 Network Music player and iPod dock  

MSRP $650+$370 Sale Price $650 for both. Or, will separate. The NP-30-$500 The iD-100-$250

The NP-30 was one of the hi-fi highlights of 2011 – an affordable streamer which combined a decent feature set, ridiculous ease of use and impressive sound quality. the NP30 supports everything up to 24bit/96kHz. IMG_0444Fed a 24bit/96kHz file or a CD-quality FLAC, the Cambridge is still capable of mixing it with the best.

The iD-100 is ideal for mating the wonderful Apple products (iPod/iPad) to your audio system or video system. Taking a digital feed allows extraction of every last drop of performance possible from the world’s favorite portable music players. The pure digital data is fed to an external DAC or AV receiver for digital to analogue conversion for stunning results. Video too!!!  S/PDIF, digital optical and balanced XLR outputs for connection to a DAC, AV amp or the like accompanied by switchable composite/S-Video/component video outputs for hooking up to a screen or projector. Would like to sell together.


2 Pairs of Dynaudio DM 2/6 MSRP $880 Sale Prices:  IMG_0429

New in Box-$650

Demos, excellent cond.-$500

The DM 2/6 is the most compact model of the very cost-effective range. Ideal for small to medium sized rooms or any application where space is limited. Efficiency is 86 DB frequency response is 50–23,000 Hz 6 ohms-impedance. The bass demo of this speaker is knock your socks off fun



Cambridge Audio s-30 MSRP $259 Sale Price $175

The S – 30 is the most compact speaker in the Cambridge audio lineup. Impedance is 8 ohms. Bass down to 55 cycles. Efficiency is 90 dB. Don’t underestimate this little guy. It can play.




Jawbone Big Jambox Blue Tooth Rechargeable Speaker IMG_0422

MSRP $299 Sale Price $ 150 (demo, excellent cond)

For a compact portable Bluetooth speaker, the Jawbone Big Jambox delivers impressive sound, has good battery life, and plays loudly without distortion. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery, and auxiliary input, a rugged design, and business great speaker phone capabilities.