The Reference System Hallmarks: Where do I start…I hate to interrupt the musicians with my typing…oh, that’s a recording, right. Everything you’ve ever read about high end audio and all the adjectives all the reviewers lace their prose with work here. What kind of music do you like? You can play it on this system. Large orchestra? Small ensemble? Rock? Jazz? Country? Techno dance? Female vocal? Opera? Live club sound? Loud, soft, make you cry, psych you up metal head stuff. This reference system can do it all. This system simply tells you what’s on the recording, to a Tee. Like a chameleon, it just gets out of the way.

A system is just that-a system. Everything counts and matters. Here are the 17 pieces:

1) The wall outlet-(Audience)

2) Power cord-(Audience Au 24)

3) Conditioner-(Audience aRT-2TSS)

4) Power cords-(Audience Au24)

5) Sources-(Esoteric, Simaudio, Bel Canto, Linn etc.)

6) Interconnects-(Audience Au 24e)

7) Preamp-(Simaudio MOON P-8)

8) Interconnect-(Audience Au 24e)

9) Amp outlet-(Audience)

10) Power cord-(Audience Au 24)

11) Conditoner-(Audience aR T-6 SS)

12) Power cord-(Audience Au-24)

13) Amp-(Simaudio MOON W-8)

14) Speaker wire-(Audience Au 24e)

15) Speaker bullets-(Bybee Golden Goddess 3 pairs)

16) Speakers-(Joseph Audio Pearl III)

17) Maybe most important, the room.

Seventeen factors. Don’t over spend in the wrong place, or scrimp in the wrong place, ignoring important factors. This system represents a serious attempt at state-of-the-art sound.

Come to Archive Audio and let me show you the big rig.