The Archive Audio Philosophy

Been to a stereo store lately? Can’t find one? The industry has changed in a huge way as anyone looking at this will attest; you wouldn’t probably be here is you weren’t looking for some help. So many businesses have tried to do it all-audio hardware, video projection, home theatre, home security, home automation, the list goes on. The problem is the range is too wide to do justice to the music. Too many side technologies get in the way of the fun of listening, tapping your foot.

Question- How can anyone who works for a living and is busy, with limited unstructured free time, who has all the financial burdens of life to contend with, and who must limit their listening space to a room usually shared with others for other purposes, hope to be a happy, music loving listener, with a system that is effective, and musical, and represents truly good value?

It’s hard, and you probably know this already. It’s also expensive, fraught with waste, throwing away good money after bad. As every hobbyist knows, taking stabs at gear that winds up being disappointing depletes the dollars mighty fast. Yet, we continue to read the equipment reviews, latch on to the glowing praise in the prose of the audio writer. What choice do we really have?

Sure, we go over to the closest dealer, hoping he carries that super duper new amp, CD player, speaker, wire…only to find that most of the attention being paid at his store is to the latest home theatre advancement or home automation gizmo that allows him to turn on his TV from his car. “We don’t carry many two channel amps,” says the salesman, “Nor pre amps, or CD players, but check out this picture…”

We’ve all been through this drill over the last decade.

At Archive Audio, that’s not the scenario.